March Madness

1st March 2018

Sitting here in the warmth of the farmhouse gazing out of the window and drinking one of Skylarks famous hot chocolates complete with squirty cream and marshmallows, I can't help but admire the view, blissfully cocooned in my Skylark bubble. 
Down in our woods the wild snowdrops are bobbing their heads in time to the gusts of wind being swept in by the dreaded Beast from the East, our sheep are lambing and the reindeer are loving the snow making them a tad frisky to say the least.
Watching the clouds roll across the Northamptonshire hills that we have come to know and love here at Skylarks, it’s not hard to imagine just how beautiful the wedding photos will be with such a stunning natural backdrop. It’s Northamptonshire’s answer to Narnia, just as cold granted, but totally mesmerising.  
Around the farm, bursts of yellow daffodils wave their heads above the drifting snow adding pops of colour against the white, icicles dangle glistening like crystals - it’s nature’s decor and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I am loving the view right now. 
You might be wondering how we manage to carry on here being such a remote location, but I can assure you we are well prepared - we have our snowplough out making and maintaining access, we have a dedicated and devoted wedding team that ensure everything will be perfect for the couples special day. 
So despite the March Madness, Skylarks is planning weddings as normal, and in the world of designers who make predictions for the hot list of wedding fashions, Skylarks is again right on the mark (this time given a helping hand by Mother Nature) with lots of white, crystals and foliage. 
Of course we are aware that outside of Skylarks, the widespread snow and ice is causing chaos in what should be the first week of spring. So whilst around the farm we are preparing for another gorgeous couple to share with us their most treasured day, the rest of the country is swathed in red and yellow warning of more snow to come.
Now having sipped, the last of my hot chocolate, it’s time for me to wrap up the blog by saying, stay warm, stay safe and look after each other - I’m off to grab my wellies and my gloves before I get back out there. 
Samantha x