Royal Wedding Fever & Skylark Sunshine

Royal Wedding Fever & Skylark SunshineRoyal Wedding Fever & Skylark SunshineRoyal Wedding Fever & Skylark Sunshine

1st June 2018


May was a busy month for us here at Skylark, with lots of beautiful couples trusting us to deliver their perfect day. We had some lovely ceremonies and were really lucky with the weather! One wedding had the wonderful idea of including a bake off competition. Each guest was asked to bring a cake before the bride decided on a deserving winner of the prestigious bake off trophy. We thought it was a lovely touch!

However wedding fever wasn’t just at Skylark this month, as the long awaited Royal wedding between Prince Harry and the gorgeous Meghan Markle captivated the entire nation! I’m sure we'll see some of the trends seen at the wedding increasing in popularity very soon, so we thought we should share some that particularly caught our eye.

Dress Style & Outfit:

Of course the actual dress worn by Meghan was a little out of the usual bride’s price range, but the style of it was absolutely stunning. There has already been a release of several more affordable high street variations of the dress, so keep an eye out for them! Our favourite part of her outfit was the something blue on the sole of her shoe. We thought that was a clever and innovative way to incorporate our traditions.

Walking down the aisle by herself:

Everyone has to commend Meghan on her bravery shown by walking into the Church and down the aisle by herself. It was an extraordinarily brave thing to do with so many people watching her every move and very commendable, we’re wondering if Meghan has begun to pave the way for a new trend of future brides wanting to enter ceremonies in a similar fashion.

Bowl food:

We have to admit when we found out about Meghan and Harry’s wedding breakfast we did have to Google what exactly Bowl food was! After doing some thorough research we can answer all of your questions! (hopefully). Bowl food is larger than a canapé and around a quarter of the size of a main course. It is served in a miniature or hand sized bowl and comes ready to eat with a small fork. On average you will eat around three different bowls of food. The idea around this new trend is that it enables guests to remain standing and continue with conversations as they eat. As well as the three bowl dishes the guests also had some canapés to enjoy. Maybe in some of the upcoming weddings at Skylarks we’ll be asked to arrange some bowl food? Who knows… it could even be yours!

Samantha, x